Macadamia and Pecan nuts are two of the hottest “bush food” trends on the planet. Unlike almonds and walnuts, both Macadamias and Pecans have emerged from the forests within the last century and still bear the special characters of wild foods.

Macadamias are one of the highest energy foods known to man, a benefit essential to the Australian Aborigines who feasted on these exotic delights for millennia prior to their discovery by European settlers. The Pecan nut was similarly central to the diet of native North Americans; it was joyfully embraced by the Pilgrim Fathers and has been a central element of the ritual of Thanksgiving ever since. Thanks to their recent discovery and long lifecycle, the Macadamias and Pecans grown today are virtually unchanged from the celebrated manna of pre-historic times.

Macadamias and Pecans have a delicate, unique flavour with extraordinary nutritional benefits stored in their well protected kernels.

Macadamias and Pecans are relatively rare and are highly sought‑after by many of the world’s leading brands in confectionery, baking, ice-cream and snacks. Both have crunchy textures, unique flavours and an exotic image that are bringing a competitive edge to product ranges competing in the lucrative and growing premium food markets.

The Macadamia and Pecan nut industries’ challenge is supporting this growth with a stable and high quality supply chain. This, in essence, is the motivation behind Green & Gold Nuts Pty Ltd, a global marketing organisation jointly owned and operated by Australian processors Suncoast Gold Macadamias Ltd and Stahmann Farms Enterprises Pty Ltd and by Green Farms Nut Company of South Africa.

Green & Gold strives to provide supply chain security to customers through:

  • Professional contracting arrangements;
  • Total supply chain management;
  • Total supply chain management;
  • Best practice processing and technology sharing; and
  • Experienced market analysis and advice.