Green & Gold enjoys another distant competitive edge in that its South African and Australian parent companies collectedly will process and deliver Macadamias and Pecans year-round.

Green & Gold has sampled the grading and screening approaches of its members to offer a common and seamless array of kernel grades. The advantages of this are clear:

  • Supply flexibility;
  • Larger quantities;
  • Security of supply; and
  • Predictability of financial performance.

As the largest Macadamia and Pecan supplier in the world, Green & Gold can assure economies of scale in sales and marketing, provide global leadership and have the ability to support the growth of markets worldwide.

“It is a substantial financial obligation to invest in a new Macadamia or Pecan product. Our multiple source, high quality supply allows us to support customers’ growth aspirations and to assist in the management of risk which is ultimately critical to the profitability of any product.”
Brian Loader, CEO, Green & Gold Nuts