Supporting this effort is a team of experienced and dedicated production, quality assurance, logistics and customer support staff. The team meets regularly to discuss trends and opportunities, implement cost-saving options and improve logistics and distribution for Green & Gold’s worldwide customer base.

Green & Gold supports its customers worldwide through:

  • A vastly experienced sales management team.
  • A global network of sales representatives.
  • Coordinated logistics management.
  • Warehousing, value-adding and distribution services in key markets.

Brian Loader
CEO and Sales & Marketing Manager for America and Australasia
25 years in the Macadamia industry including 15 based in the USA.
Member of the Australian Macadamia Society Marketing Committee since 2005.
Close relationships throughout the global nut manufacturing and snack sectors.

Alex Whyte
Sales & Marketing Manager for Europe, Africa and the Middle East
Domiciled in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Born and raised on a Macadamia farm in South Africa.
MBA in Global Food Industries.
Eight years in the UK working in agricultural imports and commodity trading.
Expert on both the Macadamia and Pecan industries in South Africa.

Richard Sampson Genest
Sales & Marketing Manager for China
Domiciled in Brisbane, Australia.
Eight years in the speciality food import and distribution business in Brisbane.
10 years in the Pecan and Macadamia business.
Chairman for the Australian Nut Industry Council.
Member of the Australian Macadamia Society Marketing Committee since 2005.

Green & Gold Nuts

ABN 41 147 934 316
Head office
Drummond Drive
Gympie QLD 4570
T +61 7 5482 0000

Brian Loader
T +61 7 5575 2497
M +61 433 153 133

Senior Sales Administrator
Rosslyn Wickham
T +61 7 5482 0044

Sales Team
America & Australiasia
Sales & Marketing Manager
Brian Loader
T +61 7 5482 0000
M +61 433 153 133
Skype: brian.anthony.loader

Europe, Africa & the Middle East
Sales & Marketing Manager
Johannesburg, South Africa
Alex Whyte
T +44 208 133 0484
M +27 720 311 838 or +44 794 333 1904
Skype: alex.whyte

Sales & Marketing Manager
Richard Sampson Genest
Brisbane, Australia
T +61 7 4699 9400
M +61 439 703 147
Skype: richard.sampson.genest