Green & Gold is the largest single marketer of Macadamia and Pecan nut products in the world with unparalleled access to the major Macadamia and Pecan growing regions across Australia and Southern Africa which together produce over 50% of the world’s Macadamias, and virtually the entire Southern Hemisphere crop of Pecans.

Sourcing from two major producing continents helps to guarantee supply in the event of crop shortage in one region. Moreover, our supply base continues to grow with new member producers joining the group each year since its inception.

“From the outset, Green & Gold has been an outstanding success, delivering obvious value to customers and a much more efficient sales and marketing process to Green Farms.”
Jill Whyte, Chair, Green Farms Nut Company

“Green & Gold has enabled Suncoast Gold to build on its historical strengths in the marketplace by creating a broader and more flexible offering and this has been very enthusiastically received by customers.”
Frank Manning, Chairman, Suncoast Gold Macadamias

“Green & Gold is an exciting initiative that drives efficiency for Macadamia and Pecan sellers and buyers alike. By consolidating resources and pooling our product under one banner we have become far more relevant in the marketplace and can now offer genuine support to customers around the world.”
Ross Burling, CEO, Stahmann Farms Enterprises